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The Birth of A2B Naturals

A2B Naturals produces 100% natural and organic plant-based skin care. The products are handcrafted using single ingredients, in small batches from the heart of our kitchen table, in Brampton. We strive to be eco-friendly by using glass bottles with bamboo lids that are 95% recyclable and we also offer refill options on some products that further save on waste.

A2B is the result of our young entrepreneur, Anayah, who pitched the idea to me [her mum] at the age of 9. We often discussed how we can be better citizens and the ways in which we could be more

environmentally friendly for ourselves and the earth. It was a light bulb moment for Anayah, as she questioned: “Why don’t we make our own natural skincare products?”. To which I excitedly replied, “We

definitely should!”. Anayah quickly hit the internet for some research and came back with a list of potential products we could make and test. She was the driver behind A2B, her passion and interest are what steered us in the direction to curate handmade gifts for family and friends during thanksgiving, 2020. This was the birth of our sustainable product line.

A2B allows us to bond with each other as mother and daughter through the time we spent producing these simple, lovely, environmentally friendly products. We initially began to make the products for

personal use, but as time went by the products became popular amongst our family and friends too!

Skincare is often forgotten or assumed to be costly when people talk about being healthy. Our products are great for all skin types, gender, and ages. As well as being pocket-friendly it also consists of a range of natural ingredients including but not limited to Maple, Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Shea, Coconut Oil and Jojoba. We would like you to prioritize your health by taking care of your skin without the use of chemicals, additives, fillers, colours and preservatives. Our products are great for all skin types, gender and ages.

Our most popular products are the:

Our personal favorite product is the Lavender & Maple Body Wash, especially when used before bedtime is extremely calming.

A2B Naturals Lavender & Maple Body Wash

In-line with our mission, to develop affordable eco-friendly and natural skin care products, good for both the skin you live in and the earth you live on, we offer discounted refills for a variety of items. We welcome you to shop our products online and sign up for subscription services where you can also stay tuned for latest news about our shop. At this time, we also offer local pick up within Brampton.

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