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Skin Facts

The skin is a vital organ that covers the entire outside of the body, forming a protective barrier against pathogens and injuries from the environment. The skin is the body's largest organ. It is about 2 mm thick and weighs approximately six pounds.

Skin is porous, meaning it absorbs whatever you put on it. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health explored the skin's absorption rate of chemicals found in drinking water. It showed that the skin absorbs an average of 64% of total contaminant dosage.

The skin is a very important organ that we often take for granted.

Our skin care is for all skin types, genders, races, and ages. We aim to reach anyone wanting to utilize truly organic skin care products that are 100% natural, safe to apply and be absorbed by their skin. No chemicals, additives, fillers, artificial colours or preservatives!

Skin care inclusive:

1. Youth: we aim to bring awareness to natural organic products for changing skin and environmental products for the earth.

2. Adults: who are conscious about the sustainability of the earth and want eco-friendly and vegan products for themselves and their family.

3. Children: we are excited to introduce new products soon that are suitable specifically for the youngest members of your family.

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